Huvafen Fushi Maldives

Incredible escapes. Cinematic seascapes. Huvafen Fushi is a living dream. Sprawling terraces with reviving plunge pools. An underwater spa adorned with vivid coral vistas. Picture-perfect stretches of pristine white sand. Enjoyed in total bliss. Drift off to another world. Awaken a new reality.

Endless seascapes. Infinite seduction. Surrender to the embrace of Huvafen. Awaken to a world of timeless luxury. A secret haven on North Malé Atoll, just 30 minutes by speedboat from the international airport. A dreamscape of hidden pleasures, where every second transcends time. A sanctuary for lovers of life.


North Male' Atoll


30 Minutes by Seaplane


5 Star

Huvafen Fushi Maldives

Villa Types

Beach Bungalow with Pool – Exquisite Beach Bungalows line a pristine lagoon. Drift carefree in the private bathtub and oversized plunge pool. From the daybed on your spacious deck, survey the beach as you’re warmed by the sun’s rays.

Lagoon Bungalow with Pool – The shimmering surface of a serene lagoon. From your private deck, panoramas of the Indian Ocean expand in all directions as the waters beckon with their cooling embrace. Experience utter contentment as you drift easily in your plunge pool, letting each moment immerse you in tranquility.

Deluxe Beach Bungalow with Pool – Cocooned in your own calming space, the horizon expands before your private courtyard. A vivid seascape draws your eye. You stretch out on your sun lounger, gazing along the horizon from your private deck. Blue skies blend into turquoise sea. Nature merges seamlessly with the villa’s elegant design.

Ocean Bungalow with Pool – The vast Indian Ocean expands before this bungalow. A three-tiered deck, an unrivalled view. Take it all in from your infinity pool, from your living spaces, from the leisurely perch of your daybed.

Two Bedroom Ocean Pavilion with Pool – These two-bedroom sanctuaries centre on a freshwater swimming pool. Its infinity edge mimics the horizon. The pool spans indoor and outdoor spaces, stretching from the private deck to the living room, both shaded and exposed. Illuminated with fibre-optic lights, the pool beckons for a swim. An outdoor jet-tub perches on the deck. Soak and unwind as the sea stretches out in front of you.

Two Bedroom Beach Pavilion with Pool – Avant-garde design. A private slice of beach. An elevated master bedroom with glass floors – your view to an illuminated infinity pool and tranquil lagoon. A graceful staircase descends to an outer oasis. An open-air rain shower in your own private garden, an oversized bath to sink into.

Cube with Pool – Laugh. Forget the world outside. Here, time with loved ones transcend reality. The large living space and master give way to open-plan social spaces, creating a private beachfront sanctuary nestled. The pool sparkles with a sunlit hue. A sizzling barbeque brings guests together. A truly pampered retreat, free from the constraints of time. Every comfort provided; every moment a true gem. Dive into underwater bliss. Invent new traditions with loved ones while basking in sunlight. The Maldives are yours.

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Restaurants & Bars

Celsius – International Cuisine
Early morning, the aroma of fresh-ground Arabica awakens your senses. In the evening, the faint aroma of piquant curry spices drifts on the ocean breeze. International cuisine at our partial over water venue. Dining against a backdrop of sparkling seas. Celsius tantalises the palate with a selection of flavours for breakfast and dinner.

Forno – Mediterranean Cuisine
A grove of coconut trees sighs overhead. A patchwork quilt of shade caresses the sand. A wood-fired oven crackles and the warm glow of firelight falls softly. Irresistible aromas fill the air. Forno gives you an array of contemporary Mediterranean cuisine in a casual beachside setting under the shade of the palms. Artisanal pizzas, handmade pastas, imaginative fusion.

Salt – Japanese ding with a Latin influence
Huvafen Fushi’s signature restaurant entices the senses. Discover Japanese dining with a Latin influence in a relaxed Izakaya-style dining, poised overwater. Uncover the epicurean secrets of Salt as the sun dips below the horizon. A dinnertime must.

Set over a pale blue lagoon, uninterrupted ocean panoramas. 100% raw, organic, wholesome food in a relaxed bistro-style setting. Invigorating juices and freshly handpicked ingredients from the chef’s garden. Lean and clean selections for a healthy lunch. Paired with glittering views of the Maldives.

Immerse..Latitude 4° Dine eight meters below the ocean in an ethereal space in tropical waters just 4° from the equator, a romantic table positioned with uninterrupted views of the marine life before you, and complemented by a fully customizable menu individually tailored to culinary preferences in an intimate and awe-inspiring

Oversized cushions by the poolside. An uninterrupted view of the white-sand beach. Waves lap the shore. Sophisticated bites and savoury snacks are plated to perfection. Weekly gin tastings for the curious connoisseur. Stirring jazz notes in your ear. UMBar’s handcrafted cocktails and refined bar provide an effortless indulgence.

Raw Sunset Deck
Out on the overwater deck, the still sea below. Sip on cocktails and aperitifs as the sun slips below the horizon. Delight in chef special canapes. Draw the day to a close as the sky dissolves into a wash of pastels.

Vinum is the Maldives’ first underground wine cellar. Daily wine and cheese tastings enchant the palate. Degustation menus, 6 course gourmet dinners, offer pure indulgence. All in an enthralling space under suspended art installations. Reservations required.


Huvafen Spa
An ethereal realm of water, serenity washing over every space. Surreal as a receding dream, like fleeting moments before dawn. You enter the world’s first underwater spa in Maldives. Let Huvafen Spa wrap you in healing arms, soothed by healing hands, ensconced in luxury.


An enthralling diving adventure for the curious beginner. Ensconced in crystal-clear seas. Marvel at shoals of fish. Glide effortlessly past intricate coral shelves. Immersed in the enchanted marine world at enveloping Huvafen Fushi’s house reef. All under the watchful eye of your PADI dive instructor. No experience necessary.


Soar into the heavens, flirt with the sun, parasail billowing behind. Weave through turquoise waves by catamaran, or windsurf away, taming the breeze. A slow paddle by kayak, oars plunged into glittering seas. A Zayak with a window on the underwater world.