Soneva Jani

The playful escapism of this luxurious lagoon makes Soneva Jani irresistible to experience seekers, with our iconic over-water residences and unparalleled access to water sports and marine experiences.

An imaginative journey that began over two decades ago, the Soneva story continues with Soneva Jani, the brand’s ‘wisdom’ in Sanskrit, Soneva Jani encompasses a collection of water villas and island sanctuaries set within a lagoon of crystal clear waters, fringed by pristine beaches and blanketed in lush tropical greenery.


Noonu Atoll


30 Minutes by Seaplane


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Soneva Jani

Villa Types

1 Bedroom Water Retreat – Spread across two floors, the 1 Bedroom Water Retreat comes with a private pool surrounded by ample areas for sunbathing and taking in the ocean vistas. Watch the stars from the comfort of the master bedroom with the villa’s retractable roof.

1 Bedroom Water Retreat with Slide – Spread across two floors, the One Bedroom Water Retreat comes with a private pool surrounded by ample area for sunbathing and taking in the ocean vistas. Watch the stars from the comfort of the master bedroom with the villa’s retractable roof.

1 Bedroom Water Reserve with Slide – This spacious over-water villa features a retractable roof over the master bedroom that slides back at the touch of a button to reveal starry skies. With direct access into the lagoon, the signature outdoor bathroom has a shower and sunken bath. The large outdoor deck features a private freshwater pool, a sunken dining area, daybeds, swing, and catamaran nets.

2 Bedroom Crusoe Reserve with Slide – This two-bedroom beachfront villa has a swimming pool and slide that hugs the façade, with two catamaran nets for lounging in the sun. The master bedroom, situated at the back of the villa has an outdoor bathroom with a bath and two showers encircled by a water feature. The open plan dining room and kitchen comes with a wine vault, which can be used as a library. The living room has a deep horseshoe-shaped daybed and guest toilet.

Upstairs, the guest bedroom has an en suite bathroom with a shower. Connected to the guest bedroom is a children’s room. Overlooking the lagoon is a large balcony with deep daybeds and an outdoor dining table.

2 Bedroom Water Retreat with Slide – With a pool, catamaran nets, sunken seating and daybeds, the Two Bedroom Water Retreat with Slide affords a wealth of tropical lounging opportunities. The ground floor offers a spacious bedroom with retractable roof, bathroom, dressing room, outdoor shower and bath with private access to the lagoon. The pantry and minibar, TV lounge and children’s sleeping area are also located on the ground floor. The second bedroom is located on the upper floor, along with an additional dressing room, bathroom, seating area, water slide, and a dining sala with a roof.

2 Bedroom Water Retreat – With a pool, catamaran nets, sunken seating, and daybeds, the 2 Bedroom Water Retreat affords a wealth of tropical lounging opportunities. The ground floor encompasses a spacious master bedroom with retractable roof, bathroom, dressing room, outdoor shower and bath with private access to the lagoon.

2 Bedroom Water Reserve with Slide – A vast deck with loungers, swing and catamaran nets surrounds the private freshwater pool, with a curved water slide that goes straight into the lagoon, while a sunken circular lounging area commands panoramic views over the ocean.

3 Bedroom Water Retreat with Slide – Choose from the tropical sun or the cool shade with two outdoor sunken seating areas, one protected with a roof. Relax by the pool on sun loungers or on catamaran nets. Splash down into the lagoon via your water slide.

3 Bedroom Island Reserve – Villa 34’s wholly unique design is inspired by the gentle, undulating curves that are found in nature. This three-bedroom beachfront villa is a sprawling 1,956 sqm with not a straight line in sight. It has a freshwater swimming pool and children’s pool with its own water slide. There is also a children’s treehouse by the pool.

4 Bedroom Water Reserve with Slide – This Water Reserve is spread across two floors and comes with a private pool and a curved water slide delivering you directly into the lagoon.

4 Bedroom Water Retreat with Slide – This 4 Bedroom Water Retreat with Slide is our idea of what over-water living should be like, with a sprawling 1,291 square metres of luxurious living space and uninterrupted views in every direction.

This villa features four private bedrooms, and an additional bedroom that can sleep children or adults. There is also a study, gym, an outdoor shower and bath with private access to the lagoon, TV lounge, pantry, minibar, in-villa wine vault, as well as a water slide into the lagoon below.

4 Bedroom Island Reserve with Slide – An expansive beachfront suite, the Four Bedroom Island Reserve affords a wealth of luxury while allowing for customisation depending on your requirements. Spacious indoor-outdoor living areas abound, including a steam bath, changing room, sauna, master bedroom, TV lounge, dining room, private pool, kitchen, and wine vault. The second floor is home to a further three bedrooms with bathrooms and dressing rooms, and the villa’s private gym.

The pool has its own water slide, as well as a dedicated children’s pool.

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Restaurants & Bars

So Wild – South East Asian
Dine on a health-conscious, plant-based menu designed by the innovative raw food chef Diana Von Cranach, showcasing unique and simple dishes that revive historical, nearly-forgotten traditional recipes from the Indonesian Spice Islands and South East Asia. Ninety per cent of the ingredients come freshly picked from Soneva Jani’s organic garden and most dishes will be raw. Expect some unusual ingredients, as well as healing herbs and botanics.

Overseas – International / South East Asian With a name inspired by its breath-taking overwater location in Soneva Jani’s lagoon, Overseas by Mathias Dahlgren is the brainchild of the acclaimed Swedish chef and restaurateur. The menu is split mostly between seafood and vegetarian dishes, while there will be fully plant-based options. A pre-set menu of Chef’s Choices is the highlight, letting diners try a full range of dishes which includes single plates, sharing plates, signature dishes, an open selection for the main dish and dessert.

The Crab Shack – Asian / International
This restaurant and bar has an upstairs deck with tiered daybeds perfectly poised to watch the sun melt into the Indian Ocean. Try the Sri Lankan mud crab curry, or the succulently sweet Alaskan and Kamchatka crabs that rotate through the week. Mediterranean dishes and seafood platters make up the rest of the menu, while the highlight of the drinks menu is a wide selection rosé wines.
So Primitive - International
Set around the central fire pit, this dining experience puts the element of fire in the spotlight. Think roasting, grilling, searing, salt-crusted baking, and cooking in kettles and clay pots over coals. Choose from a menu that features fresh seafood, meats, and plant-based dishes.

Guess Who’s Cooking - International
Dine on a secret menu, prepared by one of our chefs, in a secret, ever-changing location. There is no menu, with each dish tailored to your preferences. Our chef will reveal themselves only after the meal, to talk about the concept, ingredients and what inspired them. It is advised that guests book before 16:00 on Thursday.

So Imaginative - International
Seating up to 20 guests, So Imaginative is a private room perfect for celebrations. Our sommeliers can create inspired wine tastings and wine dinners here, selecting the perfect pairings from the wine toweSo Starstruck – International Gaze towards the heavens at the first overwater observatory in the Maldives. Sit at one of the four dining tables around our telescope and dine on an expertly crafted menu while our resident Astronomer is on-hand to help navigate the skies.

North Island – Traditional Maldivian
Tucked away on the North Island, this spot is perfect for swimming, snorkeling and time in the sun. Enjoy a pop-up dinner of Maldivian delicacies on our private beach, prepared using what our chef can catch or pick.

Director’s Cut - Japanese
Director’s Cut serves modern style sashimi, black cod and other favorites with a contemporary twist. Enjoy a set meal while you take in a film at our overwater silent theatre.

So Cold
Choose from a multitude of ice creams and sorbets, mix and match the classics with Soneva Jani’s limited-edition flavours. Gourmet charcuterie, cheese and preserves can also be enjoyed here throughout the day and evening.

So Guilty
Indulge your sweet tooth in our complimentary chocolate room as you choose from handmade chocolates from our in-house chocolatiers. Take your pick of macaroons, truffles, bonbons and chocolates filled with pralines.

Full Moon Dinner - International
A unique dining experience prepared only once a month in celebration of the full moon. Satiate your appetite with dinner under a glowing moon, served on the sandbar of resort’s beach.

Down to Earth - International
Begin your day with fresh fruits and breakfast staples. The day continues with organic salads, live cooking stations, the wood-fired pizza oven, tandoors and grills. Sunset aperitifs lead into our evening menus in the open kitchen.

The Gathering Bar – Tapas & Drinks
Drinks and tapas can be enjoyed at any time at this day-into-evening overwater bar. As the sun begins to set, ease into an organic aperitif or freshly made cocktails, spirits and liqueurs.

The Wine Cellar
The Wine Cellar features a selection that includes predominantly organic or biodynamic wines. Chat with our sommeliers or organize a private wine tasting or wine dinner at the destination of your choosing.

So Engaging - International
So Engaging is our chef’s table, which offers a mystery menu for five very special guests. Get a front row seat to the action, and converse with our chef.


Soneva Soul
Reconnect mind, body and soul at Soneva Soul, where thousands of years of ancient healing wisdom unite with the latest science and innovation.

We offer an exceptional selection of wellness services, designed to help you relax, rejuvenate and rebalance. These include Ayurvedic remedies, yoga, a wide range of massages, body treatments and beauty services, vitamin therapy, fitness training, mindfulness and energy work. Tailored to you, our integrative medicine treatments focus on both targeted wellness concerns and your overall health and wellbeing, and include major auto haemotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen, cryotherapy, prolotherapy and platelet-rich plasma therapy. Our resident Ayurvedic Doctor is on hand to offer complimentary consultations, diagnose your dosha and make lifestyle recommendations that help you regain your balance, while our resident therapists create personalised treatments based on your wellness needs.


The Soleni Dive Centre’s multi-lingual PADI instructors and small group sizes ensure you world-class diving experiences. Choose from a number of diving courses and equipment is available to rent.